Ultimate Guide on Grooming of Dog

If you keep a dog at home, you will often see that it is licking its skin or scratching its paws. A lot of people think that he is doing this for fun, but in fact he does this to make himself clean and tidy. At such a time, your dog needs your help and this is the time when you show your ownership.

Ultimate Dog Grooming Guide for Every Dog Owner

If you really want to maintain the pet dog in your house well then you have to understand its gestures and also help it from time to time. But there are many people who do not understand such things and we have prepared this article for those people today. In this article, we are going to give you a complete guide about grooming dogs.

Dog shower

There is an urgent need for bathing dogs from time to time. Many people say that pet dogs need to bathe daily but this is not the case. You can bathe your dog two to three times a week if you want. For this, you can use pure water. Give the dog a bath while taking care that he does not get hurt, otherwise he may harm you. If you bathe the dog two to three times a week, then any type of bacteria and any kind of dirt on the dog will be removed and it will not affect its health.

Dog brushing

If your dog has long hair, you also need to brush it. Many times you will see that if your dog has long hair, he is licking them with his tongue. In such a situation, you need to comb your hair by yourself to protect the dog from harm. People who have long hair often have the habit that they try to groom their hair. Therefore, it is your responsibility to protect your dog from licking his body so that he does not have any kind of disease.


Many times this happens when your dog becomes very old, his hair starts falling or the hair that has been damaged needs to be removed from time to time. When your dog tries to lick his skin, the broken hair goes into his mouth and then into the stomach which causes diseases. If you want to protect your dog from this type of diseases then you need to periodically remove the broken and ruined hair of your dog.

For this, you can use a thin kangi so that dead and broken hair hygiene will be removed from your dog’s skin. When you bring a new dog, you will still know that your dog’s hair is falling out or has deteriorated, so you need to do this job immediately.

Skin problem

It often happens that your dog experiences skin diseases. You always need to keep in mind that if your dog has any type of skin problem, try to cure it immediately with the help of a doctor. If your dog is left with screen problems for a long time, he tries to bite him by himself and this thing turns him into a big ringworm.

If you want to protect your dog from this type of diseases, then you always need to take care that your dog has no skin problem or if your dog is trying to lick his screen from somewhere. is. If your dog is trying to lick the skin of any place repeatedly, then you should not understand that he definitely has some problem there.

Dental care of Dog

If you are keeping a dog in your house, then you need to periodically clean its teeth along with its maintenance. Just as there are opportunities for many types of diseases due to eating on the teeth of human beings, similarly your dog also has opportunities for diseases. When your dog eats any type of food, some pieces of it get stuck in his teeth and they need to be cleaned. We do not say that you should always clean your dog’s teeth, but you should do this work at least once.

Eye care

Along with cleaning the teeth of your dog, you are also very important to take care of his eyes. A lot of people will think about how a dog’s eye can be taken care of. So this work is very easy because in this you have to keep in mind that if you see any kind of infection in your dog’s eye, then it is necessary to take it to the doctor immediately. As we know the dog being an animal cannot understand it like a human being and if he has any kind of impact in the eye then he can turn it into a major injury.

Ear care

If you live in a dog, then it is also necessary to clean its ears from time to time. As we know there is a possibility of any kind of infection happening in the ears due to the presence of a lot of garbage in the ears, so you need to clean your dog’s ear from time to time. You can easily clean your dog’s ears while you are bathing your dog.

Apart from this, you always have to take care that your dog has lice in his ear. Many times it happens that when your dog comes out, small animals get stuck in his ear which keep sucking his blood. You need to protect your dog from these types of insects.

Nail Care & Paw Care

It is necessary for the people who keep a dog in their house, that they keep their dog’s claws from time to time and also bites its nails. Many times it happens that the nails of the dog become very long and it provides difficulty in walking and moving, so at this time it is advisable to cut them a little bit. You can do this job only when you always pay good attention to your dog.

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