Best Methods to Crib Pigeons

People are cribbing pigeons from old time in India but in other countries people are not cribbing so many pigeons. Pigeons are not only beautiful in looking but also they also can remove your tension and do your entertainment. When they speak then their voice will give you relief if you are in tension. People are not cribbing pigeons as they are cribbing parrots. If they are cribbing pigeons then they not care pigeons.

Tips to Crib Pigeons at Home

Beauty of pigeons can leave a positive effect in your life. Yes if you are living alone then you can make pigeon a friend and crib. For it you don’t need to spend so much and also not do hard work. Only you need to focus on some tips and things. So we have listed best methods to crib pigeons.

Food of Pigeons

You can give food with your hands to your small pigeons and give in a tray to big pigeons. But keep in mind that food of your pigeons must be small in size like wheat , gram, whole grains or seeds of corn cob. If you want to give fruits to your pigeons then give it in small pieces. If you also want to give other food then you must cut it in small pieces.

Home of Pigeons

Always keep in mind that pigeons like freedom so you need to free them to walk in home. If you want to keep it in cage then cage must be large in size and made of wires so they can walk easily and watch outside areas. Yes it is totally true that your pigeons love freedom so if you will force them then they can’t live for long time.

How to bath Pigeons

Every bird loves to water. So if you are cribbing any bird then never stop your bird to go to water. So if you are cribbing pigeons then you need to make a place for bath of pigeons. Always keep in mind that you need to change this water every day otherwise there can be bacteria. So keep this place fresh and good so your pigeons can escape from diseases.

Conclusion : If you are pigeons lover then you need to follow these tips. So we included some best methods to crib pigeons. I think now can care your pigeons in a very good way and love your pigeons. It is very important for you that you need to care very well your bird if you are cribbing it.

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