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Hello Guys , Welcome to www.cheapclues.com blog that is Your only destination to Know Tips , Tricks and Biography. This Blog is Completely based on Biography and Technology.

About the Blog :

CheapClues.com is my first and dream blog and here in my blog I share Articles related to Biography , tips , tricks and technology. I started this blog to share my knowledge of Technology and Biography.

Everyone knows that I love Tech and Bio by my heart. I am very inspired by top experts and journalists of the world. This inspiration make me strong because I also want to help people and want to grow their knowledge to solve their problems related to Technology.

If I talk more about this blog then I started this blog to help people and currently sharing my best to help people to solve their problems related to tech and fields related to tech. Do you know that this blog is also associated with top experts of world.

Special about Blog:

As you know we have started this blog to increase awareness of technology so we have listed some top rated categories to simply everything about Bio and Tech. In this blog we have described so many things regarding technology and tricks. Our Important categories are How to, Tips, Tricks, Games and Biography.

About Me :

My name is Anuj Patil a professional Content Writer , Youtuber , Blogger and Entrepreneur. After completion of my studies , I moved to start Digital Works. I started working in a big company as a software engineer. At the beginning of my corporate career , I felt myself very lucky to get good job.

After that I felt that this job is not affordable for my life so I have decided to start personal business and then I meet some great entrepreneur. These persons made me different completely to start my own business. Somehow I started my new company to earn better and got success in this.

I want to be my own boss so I have started one by one company to get huge money and am lucky that I have got success in my every business. After that I have started my Youtube channel to share my knowledge and then also started this blog to share my all knowledge in text format.

My other Blogs :

Currently , I am working on five blogs one is you are on and I am also working on some other blogs like onmeline.com .

I have some other blogs also that I made for business perspective only. I will tell you about these blogs in future. For any concerns , information or help related to Travel you can contact me at CheapClues@gmail.com